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Yunt Capital is redefining early-stage investment and advisement in the Crypto space. We are more than just investors, we're partners.

The diverse expertise of our members combined with our hands-on approach with our partners has enabled us to redefine early stage VC investment in the Crypto space. YC > VC.

We believe in making it easier for new frens to join the Crypto space. Whether you prefer long reads, news recaps, or podcasts the Yunt content machine has got you covered.

At Yunt Capital we work with the brightest teams to help drive value to their communities through collaborative efforts revolving around token models, governance, content, design, and community building.

We focus on projects determined to expand the use-cases of Web3. Whether its a new DeFi lego blocks, a crucial piece of cross-chain infrastructure, or moving NFTs beyond the PFP — we’re there.

Our partners

Yunt Capital facilitates successful partnerships around strong collaborative relationships—built on a foundation of transparency, trust, and a shared ethos.

Apollo DAO
Orion Money
The Pond
Ticket Fairy
White Whale

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